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Now you can print as little or as many books as you want and still take advantage of discount rates

Master Press is a Christian self publishing company that helps Christian authors get their books to print quickly and affordably by only charging what it actually costs to publish their books

Are you an author who has written a book and submitted it to a traditional publisher only to have the manuscript turned down? Have you found that other self-publishing companies have large up front costs and require large volume book orders to qualify for their discount prices?

At Master Press, you can publish your books at low cost no matter how many books you print using our “print on demand” technology.

The goal at Master Press is simply to help Christian authors get their books published. We will publish your book for only the basic fees associated with publishing a book.

Master Press can help you get your book on the market quickly, and you retain the right to edit, design, and promote your book as you see fit.

We print quality soft and hardcover books. All you have to do is submit your proof-read manuscript and we’ll bring the book to print. By publishing with Master Press, your books will automatically be listed through Ingram, Barnes & Noble, Amazon and other worldwide distributors.

Our publishing package includes your book cover. You can choose from several free basic covers, or upgrade to a deluxe or custom cover. You will receive a 55% discount off the list price for all books purchased and a volume discount for larger orders. Books can be drop shipped to any destination you choose.

Authors receive 30% royalties (paid directly to you) for books sold through our affiliates; Barnes & Noble, Amazon, Ingram Bookstores and more.

The Lord has given you the words, let us help you publish them! - Christian Self Publishing