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About Master Press

Master Press is a unique publishing company which began in 1996 dedicated to providing a way for Christian authors to get their books to print. We are constantly looking for new authors who have written quality Christian books on many different topics including fiction.

Most new authors know the difficulty today of getting traditional publishers to publish their book. According to the Christian Market Writer's Guide more than 95% of manuscripts submitted in 2003 were outright rejected (including Tim Lahaye's "Left Behind" series). That's why its time for authors who feel their book should be in print to access the power to publish. And that's why Master Press was started: to bring to print quality Christian books for the reading public.

We started as a traditional publisher, but have now taken advantage of the new, print-on-demand technology. This new technology is changing the entire way publishing is done. It means that we can now not only bring your book to print, we can also print one copy to a thousand or as many as you may need. And that includes all sizes and quality digital covers as well. The end result is a professionally done publication ready to be marketed to bookstores and the Internet. And you pay for only what you print.

So if you have a book that you want to publish and don't know if you can get it published consider submitting it to Master Press. We have everything you need to not only bring your book to print, but to get it to market as well. We will make sure that you are completely satisfied and will not publish your book until you are content with the final product.


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