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For Truth's Sake is a passionate plea
for a restoration of biblical authority
in the church today.

For Truth's Sake
Restoring a Passion for Truth to the
People of God

Author:  Neil Silverberg
Format:  6 x 9 Paperback
Pages:  157
Price:  $12.99
ISBN:  978-0-9790296-5-3




For Truth's Sake

Restoring a Passion for Truth to the People of God

By Neil Silverberg

Throughout the Christian world today the theme of passion for God can be heard. Sadly, those promoting passion for God have often set forth the idea that people must choose between passion for truth and passion for God Himself.This new work by Neil Silverberg, explores the myth that passion for God and passion for truth are antithetical, focusing on the reality that passion for God always includes a passion for truth as well.

This book contains a passionate plea to those who seek for experience with God to remember the central place that Scripture must hold for healthy Christian living. While not neglecting the validity of genuine spiritual experiences, this book provides practical help in the task of restoring those components that would guarantee a restoration of passion for truth in the body of Christ. Silverberg balances well the theology which fuels passion for truth with practical guidelines for the maintenance of spiritual passion in our lives.

About the Author

Neil Silverberg was born in a Jewish home in Philadelphia, Pa. and raised in the Jewish faith. At the age of 17 he had a powerful encounter with Jesus Christ, his Messiah after seeing the change God had wrought in his brother's life. Neil began studying God's Word in the seventies and within four years pastored his first church in Miami, Florida. Since then, Neil has pastored churches in several cities as well as served as an itinerant teacher throughout the body of Christ. He now leads Masterbuilders, a network of non-denominational churches throughout the world. Neil also distributes his teaching through The Ezra Project, a non-profit ministry ( Neil lives in Cape Coral with his wife Shelly and their three sons.


"This book is a pleasure to commend. It clearly shows the place of truth in our lives, not in a vague way, but with a sound, biblical approach. It is a very interesting read for any Christian and will especially help the new believer gain a firm hold on God's word as the only true foundation".

Jim McCracken
Truebridge Ministries
Eden Prairie, Minnesota

“Rooted in a firm commitment to the truth of Scripture and the ongoing work of the Holy Spirit, "For Truth's Sake" sounds a warning to those who would exalt subjective experiences over God's Word. Neil offers wise counsel on how to foster a rich experience with God through the transforming power of God's Truth. I heartily recommend this book for its refreshing balance, engaging style and willingness to challenge his own traditions.”

~ Doug Halsne, CrossWay Community Church, Maryville, TN

“Neil Silverberg speaks from both a sound theological foundation and years of ministry experience in churches here in the states and overseas. Neil is a gifted teacher with a passion for the Scriptures and a genuine desire to see Christians study and understand the doctrines they profess to believe. This book can be a valuable tool to help Christians move from the "removing of the mind" to the "renewing of the mind."”

~ Mark Freer, Pastor, Grace Christian Fellowship


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