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There was a time when Christian authors had to have more faith to publish their book than to write it! Christian publishers tended to be outrageously priced and promised little in return for their efforts. Fortunately, things have changed and for the better!

Consider Master Press, a Christian self-publishing company . They offer you the opportunity to take your masterpiece from manuscript to the marketplace at really low prices. Best of all, you can determine the number of books you want printed in any given run and reduce your expenses as your book earns its rightful place in the Christian market.

Having the option to print small runs has many other advantages too. Consider my latest book, “Connective Communities: Using Social Networks in Ministry.” By design, the book becomes obsolete quickly as things change in the social networking world. By using Master Press to self publish, I avoid gathering outdated inventory and that means more return for my investment every month!

Master Press helps you get your book to print charging only what it actually costs to publish your book. Their goal is to help Christian authors like you get their books published. They will publish your book for low cost fees associated with publishing a book.

Master Press does it all, whether you want quality soft or hardcover books. All you have to do is submit your proof-read manuscript and they will bring the book to print. By publishing with Master Press, your books can be listed through Ingram, Barnes & Noble, Amazon and other worldwide distributors.

Their publishing package includes your book cover. You can choose from several free basic covers, or upgrade to a deluxe or custom cover. You will even receive a 55% discount off the list price for all books purchased and a volume discount for larger orders. Books can be drop shipped to any destination you choose. As an author, you will receive royalties (paid directly to you) for books sold through their affiliates; Barnes & Noble, Amazon, Ingram Bookstores and more.

If you have a book burning in your heart, let Master Press help you publish and sell your work.


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