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Terms of Sale & Royalties


The Author is required to purchase 100 copies of the Work in the initial order. After that, the Author may purchase copies of the Work in any quantity. Orders must be paid for with check, money order, or credit card at the time the order is placed. Orders of less than one-hundred (100) copies shall be printed and shipped within five (5) to ten (10) days from receipt of order. Orders of more than one-hundred (100) copies may take an additional amount of to print and ship. All orders are shipped via United Parcel Service (UPS). The Author agrees to pay Master Press the actual UPS shipping charges for each order, plus handling fee of $1.50. The publisher shall grant authors 55% off the retail price for books ordered directly from Master Press.

Master Press agrees to pay to the Author a royalty for each Book sold in the amount of 55% off the selling book price after wholesale book sales from resellers via catalog, bookstores (Amazon, Ingram, Barnes and Noble).

For example, if a book retails for $10.00, our wholesale resellers will be able to purchase this book at the same 55% wholesale price. That means that there would be a $4.50 profit ($10.00 - $5.50 = $4.50). If the book costs $2.50 to print, the profitability of the book is $2.00 ($4.50 - $2.50 = $2.00 profit). You as the author would receive 55% profit of the $2.00, less any applicable shipping fees. The royalty received by the author for the book in this example would be $1.10. Keep in mind that these royalties are above and beyond any book sales that you might make through your own channels of distribution.

The publisher may occasionally offer discounts up to 65% off the retail price for bulk orders. Authors shall receive no royalties on copies they purchase from Master Press. Royalties are paid only on copies sold to bookstores, libraries, or directly to consumers.


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