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Book Pricing

To help Christian authors get their books into print, Master Press only charges the actual fees associated with the publishing of your book, as follows:

Galley formatting (see below for additional pricing)* $ 200.00
 Submission of interiors37.50
 Submission of cover37.50
 ISBN (International Standard Book Number) 25.00
 Order book proof 30.00
 Inclusion in online catalog database (annual fee) ** 12.00
 Basic book cover75.00
 Total Cost$ 417.00

    * Galley Formatting - Price based on a 100 page book with simple formatting.
       Price will increase depending on number of pages and complexity of formatting.
       Author will be provided with a quote after our designer has had an opportunity
       to review the manuscript. Master Press cannot publish books over 300 pages in

  ** Author has the option to be included in the Ingram Advance monthly print
that Ingram Book Group distributes to booksellers and libraries
       around the world for a one-time $60.00 fee (can be renewed annually).  It is
       author's responsibility to renew membership after the first  year.  [ learn more ]

  Package price includes a limited number of changes to book cover and interiors, as well as one book submission. Please read guidelines regarding charges for excessive changes and additional book submissions.  

Upgrade your package

 Upgrade to a deluxe book cover ~ Cover cost $150.00
$ 492.00
  Upgrade to a custom book cover (working with our graphic artist) ~ Cover cost $350.00
$ 692.00





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